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Bizmanualz Inc

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Bizmanualz Inc
4633 World Parkway Cir STE One
Saint Louis, MO 63134
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Phone: 314-863-5079   |   Toll-Free: 800-466-9953
Fax: 314-863-6571

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Bizmanualz has been writing, training and implementing policies and procedures for customers around the world since 1995. Our customers worldwide have overcome challenges like getting employees to consistently use their policies and procedures. They have faced and overcome other challenges like routing and tracking changes, version control, and audit reporting.

Templates are not enough
Our global customers have saved countless hours of research time using our templates as a starting point. But our customers have asked us for more. They have asked for tools to implement their policies and procedures that ensure that their documentation is auditable and compliant. Customers want more benefit from their investment in documentation.

Use software to control your documents
Auditors look for clear document control. Our policy and procedure management software makes it easy to demonstrate control to auditors, by providing:

•Evidence that a policy or procedure was approved by the appropriate party prior to use;
•A system of periodic policy/procedure review (and update, if necessary, with re-approvals); and
•Appropriate release of legible, identifiable versions at the point of use
You could set up generic document management software to do these things. But that would require 1) that you have an in-depth understanding of policies and procedures workflow, and 2) you would still have to implement user-friendly workflow; because the top reason that policies and procedures projects fail is that users (your employees) abandon anything that is hard to use.

Specialized software is the answer
In-depth understanding of workflow and user-centric, easy-to-use design are the obvious reasons to use Bizmanualz Online. Sure, just about every company has file servers. And many have document sharing systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint. But these types of solutions require IT and management time to configure for policies and procedures workflow, and IT staff time to set up and maintain.

Generic document management systems do nothing to assure compliance. For that, you have to configure a compliant document flow. And even if you did, you would always be running into new situations requiring more configuration time, and more support.

Our approach is faster, cheaper, and does not require IT support
Home-grown installations cannot benefit from the collective experience and continuous improvement of a large user base like the thousands of Bizmanualz customers.

The policy and procedure management software from Bizmanualz Online will give you more capability faster, and with no up-front investment before you use it. Our easy-to-use workflow assures that your employees will use the system, and thus it will reduce the number and severity of audit findings in your next audit. As you use the software, more information gets into the hands of more workers in less time. And that improves compliance and quality.
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