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Covert Compliance

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Covert Compliance
184 SE 421ST RD
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Phone: 660-422-2288

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About Covert Compliance

Covert Compliance is committed to a safe and compliant contractor, employee, and work site.

There are no Gray areas!

As a compliance verification company we are not biased but follow customer and industry standards to assure the customer is free of unwanted and dangerous work ethics by contractors and employees on site, and that rules and standards are followed.

In today’s industry, and with the volume of work it is hard for the end user to verify compliance over and above the Qualification Process, and that is where we can help.

By making Covert Compliance part of your team you can be assured that you are protected and that you will have a quality certified contractor and employee on site, and working within the laws/regulations and are following procedure.


 To assure customer that industry safety regulations and standards are maintained
 Confirm that all personnel are qualified and certified to work on site and that proper installation methods are being followed
 To assure contractors have complied with customer Qualification Processes and requirements
 To maintain quality and certified personnel on site
 Reduce workplace injury and law suits due to violations and non compliance
 Reduce lost time due to injury and nonproductive contractors
 Assure safety procedures and methods are followed while performing installations


 Covert Compliance will use customer approved unannounced site visits and surveillance to confirm compliance to customer and industry standards


 Some services provided will be Covert Monitoring, Videotaping, Photographs, on site spot check of JHA and JSA’s, checking certification cards to see if they are current and available, Pre job Tool and Safety Gear inspections, Unannounced on site Drug tests etc.

Other Services:

 Contractor assessment and rating
 Aerial and personnel pre lift inspections and compliance
 Site progress reporting and Quality Verifications


It is my hope that Cover Compliance as part of your team can further the high Safety and Compliance standards this industry needs in hopes that No family will ever suffer a loss due to non-compliance at the sake of a schedule, or a contractors lack of willingness to provide adequate training and safety for their employees.

It’s time for a change!

S/Darrell Kelso
President / CEO
Covert Compliance

Telecommunications site monitoring
Safety and Document Compliance

Video Monitoring
On site Drug and Alcohol Testing
Equipment Inspections
PPE Inspections and Compliance
184 SE 421st RD.
Warrensburg, Mo.64093

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Darrell Kelso
Covert Compliance

Safety Compliance Monitoring
No Gray Area!
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