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Matthew C. Galas
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Director of Technology
Managerial Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)
Oswego, IL 60543

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533 Expertise

I have designed and created hundreds of websites and applications. The experiences have been broad and dynamic. Below are just a few examples that highlight certain aspects of those experiences.

Libraries & Directories -

As project manager, I have led the development team to create the Library and Directory network of sites including the what you are currently browsing.
Colleagues: Charles M. Galas, Jeff Galas, Linda L Hull, Randy Walsh

Bates Dance Studios -

Bates Dance Studios is a family run Dance studio which at one time had five (5) locations throughout the state of Kansas. Their website has been critical in their maintenance, communications and operations of their studios.

The website utilizes my proprietary content management system and is maintained and operated fully by their staff who have no html or programming knowledge.

Bleacher Hideaway -

I created the Bleacher Hideaway as a senior project in high school to expand my knowledge and experience of internet programming. Since 1996, it has evolved into a pet project on the side.

The site is run off a self create content management system and database driven. It holds player and stat databases for every Chicago Cubs player in history and requires minimal maintenance.

Waltham Curling Club :

Waltham Curling Club is the oldest curling club in Illinois with members throughout the state. The website was created to disseminate information to their current members as well as trying to reach potential new members.

The site was designed to use a combination of CPanel and my proprietary software. One important factor in the design was the ability to provide a seamless transition when their webmaster changes every year.

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