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cairo, heliopolis 11631 Egypt

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- Antibiotic Project team in Pharmaceutical SID Company, Giza.
- WHO Eastern Mediteranean mission, Helping with data collection.
- National Pesticide control program, Abou Rawash, Giza.
- Aluminium study and control program, Nagh Hamady, Aswan.
- Egyptian-Canadian Pesticide control program.
- Infection control and management team,
- 2nd academic year undergraduates control team,
- Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Lab, Kasr El-Aini
- Supervisor of Occupational Medicine and Clinical toxicology Journal club
- Solvents research team occupational medicine department

1.Intravenous injection of kerosene, case report.
2.Effect of photoperiod on spermatogenesis.
3.Chromosomal aberrations and lymphocyte subsets in workers chronically exposed to formaldehyde vapor.
4.Health profile of workers in the paint industry.
5.Degenerative meniscal tear as a musculoskeletal disease among a group of construction workers.
6.Biological monitoring for genotoxic effects of anesthetic waste gases among operating room personnel.
7.The hepatoprotective effect of Cinnamon bark oil and Niegella Sativa I seed oil in comparison to N-acetyl cysteine in rats treated with toxic dose of paracetamol. Effects of occupational exposure to mercury vapor on the thyroid hormones and glutathione peroxidase enzyme.
8.Delta Amino Levulinic acid dehydratase genotype and lead intoxication among wet battery exposed workers.
9.Cytogenetic analysis, DNA-protein cross-links and biochemical parameters in smokers occupationally exposed to formaldehyde.
10.Trichloroethylene-induced autoimmune response in metal degreasers.
11.1-hydroxypyrene and interleukin-8 for biological monitoring of vehicle exhaust exposure and effects among gas-station workers.
12.Periorbital pigmentation by lead in khol.
13.The role of CD40 Ligand in early detection of chromium-induced immunotoxic effects among exposed workers.
14.Environmental cadmium exposure: additional risk factor for type II diabetes.
15.Clara cell protein CC16 as a biological marker of lung injury among quarry workers exposed to PM2.5.
16.Milk Alkali Syndrome: an occupational disease for investigation. Matrix protease response to zinc exposure among welders.
17.Physical exertion among manual workers: the underperformance syndrome.
18.The impact of heat and noise exposure on some adrenal stress hormones in glass industry.
19.Effects of ionizing radiation on DNA damage and repair among personnel working in radiodiagnosis department.
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