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GCat: Risk Mgt, Claims & Ins
MCat: Claims Management
Cat: Claims Administration

Information on claims management, e.g., structured settlements, importance of prompt reporting, construction claim guidance, preservation of evidence, etc. Self-insurance & claims administrators/adjustors selection/evaluation checklist of TPAs. Variations in imaging technology and the issues confronting claims adjusters. Experts offer tips to adjusters about salvage.

32 Resources
Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith Claims [pdf] [16413] ?

Practical claims handling strategies for identifying, retaining and using experts

Bad Faith Actions: Avoiding the Exposure [pdf] [17677] ?

Advice from a reinsurer

Bad Faith and Insurance [pdf] [24148] ?

What it is

CA-California Fair Claim Practices Regulations [18034] ?

16 claims settlement practices considered to be unfair

Claim Handling Procedures [36739] ?

Considerations for reporting, settlement, reimbursement procedures

Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners and Investigators [5765] ?

A description of the nature of the work, training, other qualifications, etc

Claims Handling Policies [25689] ?

Perspectives from the viewpoint of the risk manager and of the insurer

Claims Management Manual [35397] ?

For local governments

Claims Management Metrics [13015] ?

Well managed claim operations will track multiple metrics gauging the effectiveness of claim management

Dealing with a Difficult Claim [23863] ?

Ideas on how to move the process along

Estimating Unpaid Claims [pdf] [15590] ?

Basic techniques for estimating unpaid claims

Evaluating Bodily Injury Claims [24954] ?

When reviewing the bodily injury demand, it is important to look at a variety of critical information

Insurance Fraud State Requirements [13016] ?

Table of state requirements on insurers to conduct certain anti-fraud activitie

Insureds Claims Management Expectations [30125] ?

Key fundamental points to aligning claims practices with risk managers' expectations

Litigation Management Guidance [24394] ?

Discusses litigation mismanagement and provides guidance on properly handling litigation management

Loss Reserves [pdf] [31649] ?

Considerations in setting loss reserves

Medical Malpractice Claim Handling Guidelines [36738] ?

Considerations for handling medical malpractice claims

Non-Life Claims Reserving [pdf] [35407] ?

Study explains reserving methodologies and that improvements will be beneficial to the industry, its clients, etc

OECD Guidelines for Good Practice for Insurance Claim Management [pdf] [23257] ?

Text of the guidelines for OECD countries

Pre-Tender Defense Costs [30131] ?

A discussion of defense costs incurred by the insured before the insured tenders the claim to the insurer

Prompt Reporting of Claims [24626] ?

What delays in reporting an injury can cost you

Spoilation of Evidence [pdf] [18440] ?

An overview of state laws on the subject

State Personal Injury Statute of Limitations [24677] ?

Time periods within which you can bring a lawsuit for personal injuries in each state

Structured Settlements - Basics [1129] ?

Explanation of structured settlements including advice on when to consider a settlement

Subrogation Outsourcing [13037] ?

Offers value and greater claims recovery

UK: Charted Institute of Loss Adjusters [24624] ?

The work of property loss adjusters

When Is It a Claim for Reinsurance Purposes? [20889] ?

Is a claim for insurance purposes a claim for reinsurance purposes?

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