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Target Market

Select one of the 7 LAD niche markets
- Risk Management and Insurance
- Safety Industry
- General Business
- Legal and Regulatory Industries
- Human Resource Industry
- Transportation Industry
- Engineering and Construction

Advertising Goal

Libraries have categories dedicated to specific international countries , and other categories dedicated to the laws and agencies of particular states. However the majority of the thousands of library categories is universal in nature.

Directories on the other hand, also have a category breakdown, however categories ar then broken down by country and state. That provides businesses with the ability to target advertising dollars to the actual locations where they provide products and services.

Platinum Ads

There is only a single Platinum ad per library or directory
That ad would appear on the right hand side, near the top, of every single page ( except its home page) in that particular library or directory. This provides maximum coverage by reaching every single visitor, on every page that he visits.

Search Page Ads

Each library and each directory has a search page.
The search page is the most visited page on the site.
Therefore if you wanted to ensure the second best broadest
coverage, placing your ad on the SEARCH PAGE would be
the wisest choice.

Categories Ads

Both libraries and directories are broken down into a Grand Category --> Major Category --> Category structure. This allows precise target marketing.

Purchasing a CATEGORY AD would ensure your ad would appear on every single page in that category.

Purchasing an entire Mcat or Gcat would ensure your ad would appear on ever single page (every single category) in that Gcat or Mcat. (There are discounts for purchasing an entire Mcat or Gcat.)

L-Ad Spaces Information: Overview | Decision Assistant Flowchart | Pricing | Details