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Topic Library Advertising Directory Advertising
Visitors are looking for content, or answers to questions or problems Visitors looking for products and vendors
Target Market -
  • 7 niche markets
  • well defined categories
Library Ads target global markets

Goal would be branding and name recognition
Directories in addition to branding

target down to the
country and U.S. state level
Maximun ads per page
(see columns to the right)
Ad Types / Sizes
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • 2 Gold
  • 2 Silver
  • 2 Bronze

Vertical Placement

Columns to the right illustrate how ads would appear
Platinum Ads There is only 1 Platinum ad per a given library or a given directory.

Which means the same Platinum ad would appear on EVERY PAGE of that library or directory
Ad placement in a specific category means that ad would appear in every page for that category

In addition, category ads would randomly be displayed throughout the site to provide additional exposure

For the #1 Gold, Silver and Bronze category ads purchased in a Directory would appear on every page for their categories, including all the state pages.

The Directory #2 Gold, Silver or Bronze ads only appear on the U.S. state or country selected.

This refinement allows those interested in national advertising to purchase the #1 Gold,Silver or Bronze ads, because those will appear on every page for the particular category purchased, including those page dedicated to a specific state.

It also allows those companies that service only a single or limited number of states, a cost effect way of reaching their target market.
Pricing Pricing Details appear in the advertising fee schedule tables.

Ad Pricing varies by niche market, library vs directory and in some cases by specific category.

The Fee Schedules provide for volume discounts

L-Ad Spaces Information: Overview | Decision Assistant Flowchart | Pricing | Details