Frequently Asked Questions

Technical : Access

Error Message : Subscription Expired - Why do I keep getting a Subscription Expired error message?

There are only three ways you get this error message:

1)--- you have just surpassed the limit of the number of times an invalid userid or password has been entered.

We have instituted this error message to thwart 'automated attack programs'.

It is possible, if you had asked your browser to 'remember my username and password' or activated the 'automatic completion of forms' that your browser, without your knowledge, has attempted to send you username and password to our authorization routines multiple times before stopping.

YOU NEED TO CLOSE DOWN A L L open browser windows, start your browser up again and try again! That should solve your problem.

2)--- if you got to the first resource, but get a subscription expired when trying to access subsequent resources

Either your browser or firewall software is preventing our session cookie to either reach or accepted by your PC's browser.

At a minimum your browser and firewall (on your PC or your corporate firewall) must be set to accept session cookies from

3) --- the last possibility is your subscription has really expired. Our subscriptions do not automatically renew unless you make arrangements with us for automatic renewal.

( You can check on you subscription status by clicking on the link at the bottom of most pages labeled 'Subscription Status'. This will send an email to you with your status information.)