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Educational Discount Requirements - What are the requirements for the educational discount?

The educational discount is available only on LAD Library Subscriptions (of any length). To receive this discount, you muct have an email address. Your discount will appear in your Order Information when you are purchasing your subscription(s).

The educational subscription was established for the expressed purpose of allowing the library to be used by entire classes as part of their class work.

Our goal is to provide the best possible internet resource for a reasonable price. Part of that price has to cover customer support and all of the inquiries we receive.

So we needed a very easy way to automatically approve of those signing up for the educational rate... thus the requirement to have an "" email address which all major universities have.

There are certainly some who sign up for the eduational rate that were really not the intended beneficiaries of educational rate.. but they have the '' email address.

Others, who are actually college students, but do not have the required '' email address are not granted the discount.

We get many signing up for the educational rate that do not have the '' email address... some are legitimate, some not... we have no way of determining who falls into which category.