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Technical : Browser Issues

Printing Issues - Can I get some help printing a webpage?

the solution regarding saving/printing issues is dependent upon your type of browser.


Firefox browser:

To print: Right click inside the frame of the document you wish to print, under "This Frame" select "Open Frame in New Window" - then select Print under your File option at the top of your browser.

To save: Right click inside the frame of the document, under "This Frame" select "Save Frame As" so you can save it on your hard drive. Then you can open the saved file in your browser and print.


Microsoft Internet Explorer browser:

To print selected frames, either right-click an area in the desired frame, and then click Print, or click in the desired frame, click Print on the File menu, and then click Selected frame.


Otherwise, you can open up your word processing program. On the internet page, "paint" the area to be printed with your mouse and hit the Ctrl c keys at the same time to copy the area painted. Next, click inside your word processing document and hit the Ctrl v keys at the same time to insert the copied information inside your document. Then print (or save) from your word processing program.


Hope this helps.