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Copyrights - Can I copy the materials you reference in your libraries?

The LAD resource libraries are just that.... libraries...a compilation of materials from a variety of sources - federal, state and international governments, colleges & universities, research institutes, professional associations, etc.

Copyright Laws apply to all material that is copyrighted and release from
the copyright must be granted by author, not the library source (i.e.,


Including portions of content as referenced material giving the source is
usually not only fine with authors... but exactly what they would like you
to do. Unless you are somehow harming them by taking credit or depriving
them revenue for their work you are going to be ok. Printing, making
copies, distributing to others within your organization is generally not a
problem - as long as you identify the source. However, if ever in doubt,
contact the source and ask for a release. Also - as I am sure you are
aware, most government publications are in the public domain and may be used as you wish.

Regarding terms of use: You would be asking us for our release if you planned on publishing "all of the reference links"... the LAD library listings themselves as opposed to the content of any of the resources.

As far as reproducing any portion of the LAD library listings.... we
would have to see what you intend to do before providing our release.... if that is what you were seeking. You would need to contact us at 630-570-1605