Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend the Firefox Browser - Why do you recommend the Firefox browser?

Simply put, the Firefox browser is in our opinion the best overall browser for many reasons. Please keep in mind that no matter what browser you are using, our sites will (and all sites should) function properly.

The major reason is security. Since a majority of web users are still using Internet Explorer (MSIE), that is what most hackers and malicious script will utilize. The other security issue is updates... the time and frequency that you update the MSIE browser effects numerous settings and versions.

Tabbed browsing, extensions and personalization are a few of the added features that make Firefox that much better.

However, for whatever reason (very few of which, if any, are really valid) there is the occasional site that requires you to use Internet Explorer (MSIE). For those sites, we would just advise that you open MSIE while browsing there as needed and go back to Firefox.

To get Firefox, please visit: for more information.