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Toolshed Help & Information - Toolshed Help & Information

The Toolshed was designed to provide an on-line vehicle to support a variety of tools ( applications like Bookmarks, Notes, Contact Lists, etc. ) allowing access to information that is independent of their location and their personal computer.

In addition, the Toolshed provides a unique feature that allows information contained in any of the tools to be grouped into its logical topic ... so that all pertinent information could be grouped for optimized access and use.

Toolsheds and Tools can be Personal (private for individual use), for a Group ( to support communication and collaboration within the group), or for Client Support.

Personal Toolsheds are set up for library members, company contacts (contacts responsible for their company listing in the directories ), ICM authors and advertisers.

Each of those groups will have one of the off-the-shelf tools, Bookmarks automatically included in their toolshed. Various other tools will be supplied to assist each group with their administrative functions.

Toolsheds and additional Tools ( both off-the-shelf tools and tools customized for a specific need ) can be purchased and operated independently from the operation of our Libraries and Directories.

Tools that we currently have in beta testing include:
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • File Cabinet

Internal Group Tools:
  • Bulletin / Notification System
  • Group Communication Center
  • Internal Directories
  • Approved Vendor Directories

Client Support Tools:
  • Gateways and Web Site Admin and Management
  • Account Team Directories
  • Newsletters
  • Project Communications

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how these technologies can work for you.