Frequently Asked Questions

ICM - Internet Content Marketing : Basics

How do ICMs differ from regular advertising?

ICMs differ from regular advertising in many obvious ways, but perhaps the three most subtle and most important are:

  • the basic benefit of normal advertising is to increase awareness and name recognition of a product or service and/or a company name that tags along with the product or service. In that approach, getting the ad in front of thousands or eyeballs per day is the goal, hoping to ingrain the name of the product, service and company into some percentage of the viewers that see the ad.

  • when the goal is to attract as many viewers as possible, the ads need to be more generalized, watered down, or spiced up with images and statements that are aimed at getting people's attention, not presenting useful knowledge. By doing that, it actually decreases the chances the ad will be viewed by the actual target market!

  • these ads are blasted to as many people per time period as possible, when in reality only a small percentage of the viewers are, or ever will be, actual marketing targets for the product or service ... and only a tiny percentage of the viewers of the ad would be currently in the market to purchase such a product or service. Without real content provided, they are not likely to retain any details about the ad!

By contrast, ICMs, since they provide content --- real information about the product or service, will only be viewed by people who:

  • are actually true potential purchasers

  • who are quite likely to pass over a general ad because is it just fluff, but are likely to appreciate a more detailed informative approach of ICMs

  • are more likely to be in the market at the time the ICM is viewed

  • and are much more likely to remember product, service, company and author details of the ICM for future use.

Would you rather have an ad in some printed media or a web page with the circulation of 100,000, where few even notice the ad much less read it? Or use ICM technology to get to the 500 people who are truly your potential market?