Frequently Asked Questions


Earn credits to add products at a discounted rate when you purchase multiple products - What is the Multi Product Discount? How is it calculated?

When you purchase multiple products (at least 2 items), you may receive a Multi Product discount. This discount varies widely depending on the products that are in your Current Order.

The discount amount is based on a complicated system that analyzes the products you are purchasing (or have recently purchased ? ). Simply put, the more products you buy, the bigger your discounts will be.

When your Current Order in the upper right corner of the page shows this discount, it simply says included. This means the prices shown for each item have been adjusted because of this discount. You can VIEW DETAILS of your order to see the actual discounted amount. You will also see it when you checkout and verify your products and prices.

If you are shopping and adding products, you will start receiving this discounts and they will be shown immediately in your order. However, please remember that these discounts are based on what is on your order. So if you remove items from your order, you may reduce or eliminate your multi product discount.