Frequently Asked Questions


Upgrade your services early and you may still be eligible for Multi Product Discounts - I recently purchased a product and want to add additional services. Am I eligible for the Multi Product Discounts?

Multi Product Discounts are calculated based on what is in your current order. However, you may also be able to use a recent purchase to receive discounts.

During a single order, you are eligible to receive a discount depending on what and the amount of products your are purchasing ? . If you recently purchased items from us, we will also give you some credit for those purchased depending on how recent the purchase was. For the first seven (7) days after your purcahse, you can receive full discounts on your products (full discount meaning your will receive the multi product discount as if it were a single purchase). After that initial timeframe, your discount will be reduced at a specific rate.

The best way to find out, is visit our registration page and add in the products you are interested in to see exactly what they will cost you. There is no obligation to purcahse any items in your order until you decide to do so.