Frequently Asked Questions


Registration Process - How do I register? What is the Process?

The registration process is fairly straightforward and should take between 2-10 minutes depending on the products and services you choose. If you have a previous membership, you should login before or during the process.

1. Product Selection - You can browse the entire list of MTC Products of items and services. The products are categorized by which line of product the item falls into. Depending on the product(s) selected, you may be provided with product options related to your services.

At any time you can control your order by utilizing the different links and icons that are with or next to each product. For more information on the icons and links, please refer to the Legend on the page ? .

2. Account Information - In this step, we will collect your personal information for your account. We will assign your UserID ? but you can decide on your password. If you are a current or previous member, we will simply verify your information before continuing.

3. Payment Method - After deciding on your order, you will be able to choose your method of payment and provide information so we can process your order. You have the following payments options: Online Credit Card, Mail In Payment* (Check, Credit Card), Purchase Order*, Wire Transfer* and Invoice Me*.

Billing is handled by our parent company, Managerial Technologies Corporation (MTC). Your invoice/bill/receipt will provide more information.

* NOTE: Some of the above methods of payment may delay setting up your account until we receive payment. There also may be a special processing fee (varies) on some of the above payment methods. The payment step will inform you of these fees and details (if applicable).

4. Confirmation - After completing the previous steps, we will provide all the information so you can conduct one final review. This is just to make sure there are no typos or errors so we can properly setup your account.

Please be careful to provide an accurate email (triple check your email) because this is where we will send all communications, including your userid.

After confirmation, we will provide a page with the details of your order (product descriptions, links, etc) as well as emailing you your information including your UserID so you can begin accessing your account.