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Password Recommendations - What recommendations do you have for my password?

Your online UserIDs and passwords are a very important part of your life, both in business and in your personal life. These recommendations are for all of your passwords, not just on this site.

It is recommended that you create unique passwords for all of your accounts. This is done because you will still have security even if one of your accounts is compromised. If you create a system, managing your different passwords is fairly easy. A system would be something like a base password with adaptations for the level of security or what site it is for.

Every password you create should be a combination of letters and numbers and should be at a minimum of 4 characters long (the longer the better).

It is recommended that you change your password if you suspect it is been compromised in any way. It is also recommended that you change your password on a regular basis.

We recommend not using any password management tool including the windows based system or any online wallets. Anytime you store your userids and passwords, they are susceptible to be stolen and if you store them all in one place that could mean big trouble.

And as always, you should run anti-virus and anti-spyware programs constantly.