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Setting up Email Filters - How can I set up filters in my email?

Although each email program is different, you can follow these example steps to set up a filter in your email program.

1. Go to the "Options" page.
2. Go to "Mail" on the left side and then "Custom Filters".
3. Choose "Create New" and then click "Advanced Filter" on the top.
4. Set filter to "From Addr" and "contains". Type '' without the quote into the box.
5. Select "Inbox" from the list of folders and click "OK"

1. Go to the "Options" page.
2. Click "Filters" under the "Management" tab.
3. Choose "Add".
4. Type in a name for your filter, such as LAD (Libraries and Directories).
5. In "From" header, set pull down list to "contains" and type '' without the quotes.
6. In "Then" section, pull down the list to "Inbox" and click "Add Filter".