Frequently Asked Questions

Member Account : Quick Links

You can control the order and spacing of the Quick Link list - How can I control the Order? How do I create spacing?

Your Quick Link list will be organized how you choose. You can specify the order by entering a number in the Order Field when you are editing your current quick links list. A "0" will delete the quick link from your list.

A typical Quick Link Order could be like this:

1 = Libraries & Directories - Home

100 = rmLibrary - Home
120 = rmLibrary - What's New
180 = rm / Chemicals / Asbestos

200 = The Safety Library

Notice the order numbers do not need to be in exact sequential order. In fact, we highly suggest you skip numbers so it will be much easier if you wanted to rearrange.

Each group of 100 will be separated by a line spacing when outputting your quick links. You can use this to separate like items into segments for easier reference.

When adding a new quick link, simply enter the order number of where you would want this new link to appear before you click submit.

To delete a quick link from your list, simply place a "0" (zero) in the Order Box before clicking the submit button.