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Technical : Browser Issues

Access Problems - System Error Message - Why am I getting system error messages when I try to access secure areas?

This problem seems to occur only with those persons who have Windows 98 Version 2 and are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. The problem is with your configuration - not our website.

The problem can be fixed by:

Erasing your browser's "CACHE" (this is were it stores previously viewed pages and graphics so that it does not have to have them retransmitted for you to view them) and erase the "HISTORY" (this is where the list of URL's is you last visited is stored)

Your cache and history file only hold so much and then they are erased on a fifo basis (first in - first out) deleting the files belonging to the oldest entry and replacing it with the newest. That is why your problem occurs 'sometimes' ... if the pages that have a conflict are not in your current cache... no problem ..... if they are ...'illegal operation' message.

To fix the problem:

  1. Bring up the browser .. and click on 'Tools' on the toolbar.
  2. Click on 'Internet Options'
  3. Click on 'Delete Files' in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section (this is the cache)
  4. Click on 'Clear History' in 'History' section

Other Suggestions:

  • You might also want to download the latest patches for Internet Explorer 5.0 (if this is the version of the browser you are running)
  • If you have another browser available such as Netscape Navigator you might try that instead.
  • Try to access our site on a different computer such as your home computer.