Frequently Asked Questions

Member Account : Bookmarks

Display your bookmark information or the information we provided on each of your bookmarks. - What are the different displays? What is the different between my Bookmark Info and the LIbrary & Directory Info?

If your bookmark is any page on our sites, we maintain the basic information we provide for that bookmark. Whether you are bookmarking a specific Library Resource or a Company Profile, we maintain information to help aide you in your bookmarks.

Since these are your bookmarks, you can change the title, description or even re-categorize it to fit your needs and research goals. This information you provide will be displayed for you by default when you enter the toolshed or bookmarks. You can opt to select the "Library & Directory Information" display at the top of your screen to see the standard default information for your bookmarks.

When viewing the "Library & Directory Information" display, some of you bookmarks may be omitted in the results because they are not associated with the Libraries and Directories and therefore we do not have standard information available.