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ICM - Internet Content Marketing : Basics

Example Content based on market/profession - Give me some examples of CONTENT ?

Content will vary dependent on the type of service or product or issue / topic that it is intended to market or represent.

Consultants have learned that presenting articles or position papers on various topics, topics that are currently in the news and have public interest provides a way to get their company name in front of interested potential clients.

Lawyers have used content marketing to clarify laws or regulations that are misunderstood by potential clients that find themselves in some legal difficulties.

Professionals have used content to shed light on hot topics in their industries or functional areas.

Product Managers have provided case studies and position papers on the benefits of their products or dangers of lack of attention to symptoms that their products resolve.

List of specific examples:

  • Articles
  • Checklists
  • Position Papers
  • Audit points
  • Public Interest Topics
  • Technical Specs of products, services or use requirements

Content is anything that provide intrinsic value to its readers.

When you provide value, your company, product or service will be more highly thought of and remembered, which leads to increasing your value.