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How to Use the Directory Adminstrative Console - How do I use the Directory Adminstrative Console

The Directory Administrative Console (DAC) controls:

  • how your company appears
  • which categories and directories it appears in
  • which listing enhancements and which options are activated
  • the wording to of the options and descriptive information about your company
  • various links to your company web site

Once listing enhancements and options are purchased, they can be edited and updated as many times as you would like. There is no additional fee for associated with the updating of your company information.

It is important to become familiar with the overall design and flow of how the Master Administrative Console performs its function.

Some of the options require a complex set of selections and text entry.

Every purchase or update/edit starts with a selection from the Master Console.

Purchase place the selected listing enhancement or option into your invoice or shopping cart. The details of current set of selections can always be viewed from the DAC and removed should you change your mind before checking out.

Selection of listing enhancements that only require being turned on (i.e., National and International tags) will appear never to have left the DAC but those selection will be place into your current invoice.

Other selections ( i.e., Short Description, and virtually all the Options.. Profiled, Products and Services, etc) will transfer you to the page where you have the OPTION of entering the text for one of the LAD templates or the url to link to a page on your website. Updating that information may jump you back to the DAC or in some cases, allow you to continue to ADD RECORDS to that same option before returning to the DAC

Eventually you will want to click on the RETURN TO DIRECTORY ADMIN CONSOLE graphic and then to Checkout where again you can decide to delete any of the items previously selected if you have changed your mind.

You do not have to complete the entry for items published. You might want to go pull some additional information before completing the entry. The DAC allows you to do that and return at any time in the future to update and edit all your purchased options during the full period of your listing.