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How Are the LAD Directories Different? - How Are the LAD Directories Different?

From past experience you may think that getting a listing in a directory doesn't really provide many benefits (if any).

The LAD Directories are Different in many ways:

  1. We have six directories that relate to our seven libraries, so we are not just any old directory.

  2. Our libraries are one of the largest, oldest and most trusted resource on the internet. We have been in operation for nearly 12 years. Not only do we have tens of thousands of members, but we also receive between 4,500 and 7,200 referrals per day from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live. That translates into around 2 million new visitors per year.

  3. We provide multiple ways for you and your company to stand out from the crowd!

  4. We offer much more than a mere listing of the company or professionals name. Our Directories provide the opportunity to Create your own MicroSite!, with separate pages:

    • Profile
    • Products and Services
    • Expertise
    • ICMs... provide the ability to get published
    • FAQs .. provide the ability to focus on key communications
    • ability to get contacted without providing emails address to spammers

      and for companies we have additional options like:
    • Career / Job Postings
    • Company Contact information
    • sections for New Product and Service Announcements
    • an market niche Events Calendar

  5. We allow you to pick the Main Category that your company should be listed in and then we place your Company in EVERY DIRECTORY where that particular category appears.. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE !

  6. We do the same thing for Professional, allowing you to list yourself in both an Industry as well as a Profession...and again we include that listing in all of the directories that logically include those categories.

  7. In this day of changing roles and responsibilities, we allow companies to list themselves in more than one category. Same for Professionals. The categories were designed to assist the people and companies that USE the directories, in terms that they use, not artificial categories.

  8. Most importantly, it is very inexpensive to get just the coverage you want, in the markets ( categories ) that you want to have exposure.

  9. Lastly, you don't have to go through red tape or even make a phone call to get into the directory. You can do it all on line, using our LAD EZ-EDIT software.

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