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Why are you making the basic directory listing FREE? - Why are you making the basic directory listing FREE?

Our focus is on our library markets. We get thousands of phone calls a year asking if we can recommend a company in this field, in this region, state, city. Or, asked if we can recommend individuals to hire as consultants or as employees in a particular field covered by one of our libraries.

Not only can we not usually help the caller, we are spending more and more of our time in this non-productive service ( and it is not even a good service !)

We have been also asked if we can provide a job posting facility, and Calendar of Events for related fields or announcements of new products and services.

Our directories are our answer to all of these questions.

They have many unique features that separate them from any directories that you have ever seen in the past.

To get the volume and quick start up that we need to address all the above, making the basic listings, both for COMPANIES as well as for PROFESSIONALS FREE was the only answer.

The only reason we could not make the Job Postings, Events or New Products and Service announcements free was because we would have no way of easily checking their validity so charging a nominal fee was the only answer.

Also, as you will see, while the Basic Listings is Free, there are plenty of modestly priced upgrades that are not. However, the pricing is a fraction of the cost of marketing and advertising with any where close to comparable exposure.

In addition, some options that are available in our directories and unique.

But rather than repeat what we have said elsewhere, take a minute to review both the professional and company directories and you will be glad that you did.