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Career Corner : Open Positions

What administrative options do I have when I create an open position posting?

Several options are available for the display of your open position.


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We will provide you the opportunity to select from any of the company/companies that you are an admin. You have the option of not displaying the company information on the actual open position posting, however it will always be displayed on the company microsite.

Contact Info

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A professional contact is required for all open position postings. This contact must be in the professional directories and must either be a associated with the company the posting is for or be an authorized a recruiter. The information available for the contact will be based on the professional's display settings for his listing (i.e. if he does not want his email displayed, it won't be).

You have the option of not displaying this information with the posting. This requires the applicant to apply thru the listing and they must be a registered professional.


You can enter any description of the salary that you want (up to 120 characters). Some examples include:
Starting at $36,000
Between $24,000 and $36,000 based on experience
Base Salary of $36,000
$10,000 for the project