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LAD Professional Directory - Microsite & Listing Options

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Listings appear in the categories which are selected at registration and can be updated from the microsite itself ( upper left corner ) or from the MEMBER ACCOUNT area.

A listing will appear in as many directories according to the categories selected.

A Microsite always has a single summary page and can have as many additional pages as its expanded SECTIONS require.

Microsite Sections are indicated by ICONS ( see below ) and can be immediately linked to from the listing.

Category Listings
Each time you are listed, your listing could include the following options:
Home Page House icon will appear as first icon in listing and link to a personal home page ( optional )
MicroSite Section Icons The icons, described below, appear on all listings and provide links directly to specifc sections of the Microsite.
Bolded Name This would allow your name to be bolded on the listings pages, in the categories you have selected.
Headshot Your listings will include a headshot with the Gold and Platinum packages
Professional Note A brief note that appears on listing pages, underneath the row of section icons
Number of Categories Your complete listing, with all options, will appear in each category that you select. The number of categories that you can select varies by package.

Professional Microsite
Your personal microsite can include the following sections:
Friendly URL This provides the capability for you to choose a name ( usually your name ) that can then be directly accessed by url. Example:
Professional Note The professional note appears as one of the sections on your MicroSite. Included in all levels.
List of Categories A section on your Microsite summary page that includes a list of all the Industry and Profession categories that you selected.
Headshot Your Microsite displays your headshot... all levels.
Profile This section can be configured in a number of ways:
  • A summary of highlights of your career
  • Full resume
Expertise This section provides the opportunity to highlight special projects and accomplishments.
ICM Publications Internet Content Marketing highlights the use of CONTENT, valuable information as the means to demonstrate your talents and expertis. Examples: articles, whitepapers, checklists)
FAQ FAQs are sometimes the most efficient way to communicate your viewpoints. FAQ's allow you to put your perspective on the current issues of the day, in a simple and concise format. It is a very efffective way to showcase the breadth and depth of your skills and knowledge.
Blog Provides the link to your blog.

Other Features
The following are additional enhancements that are included with your professional listing and microsite.
Credentials Include any professional designations that demonstrate your professional expertise and accomplishments.
Specialties Various selected professions will trigger the opportunity for you to enter some special skills or expertise. Specialties can be used as a search filter by visitors to find professionals with specific sklls.
Licenses Certain professions require state or county licenses. This area provides a place for those licenses to be listed and displayed.
Keywords Use keywords to assist directory users looking for specific skills and experience to find you.

Additional Items
These items are purchased ala carte, outside preset packages
Movers & Shakers Any professional that is already listed in the Professional Directory can post a recent promotion or job change to the Movers & Shakers section of the directory. These posting are free for all professional listed in the directories.
National Tag A tag, purchased separately, that displays an American flag after your name, indicating that you practice your profession nationwide.
International Tag A tag, purchased separately, that display a globe after your name, indicating that you practice your profession in countries other than the USA.
ICM Publications Internet Content Marketing highlights the use of CONTENT and valuable information as the means to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Examples: articles, whitepapers, checklists)