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Client support tool - Client support tool

Building relationships with clients is not an easy job, especially with tight budgets and limited resources.

However, it is building this relationships that:

  • improves retention ratios

  • increases new business referrals

  • expands opportunities within current accounts

The LAD Libraries combined with the Gateways provides an efficient and cost effective way to provide superiors customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !

The LAD Libraries provides:

  • immediate access to a knowledge database to help answer their questions..exactly when they need it

  • superb education and training tool to help your clients improve their operations on their own time frame at their own pace

  • ideal collaboration tool where you can communicate ideas and examples with minimal times and effort, while providing better examples and details that normally would be possible

  • other support systems consist of periodic emails and newsletters, few hitting the mark on topic and timing, while the LAD Libraries and Gateways are designed to address the topics specific clients are interested in , at the exact time they are interested!>/li>

  • access to immediate knowledge database to help answer client questions
  • good to use as a collaboration tool, passing relevant resources on to clients for their review
  • using the library as a product offering provides a routine contact and relationship building tool with minimal expenditure of time and maximum client impact