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Any Additional Fees Required - Are any additional fees required in addition to the subscription fees?

No - except in a few exceptions. (fees) is the symbol used to indicate this

In general there are no additional fees required with the following exceptions:

  • Industry Standards - the full text of the standards such as ASTM, ISO, ANSI, etc. are not provided here and must be purchased from their suppliers (not us)
  • Publications - many of the publications offer the full text of only a selected number of their articles. Some provide additional services for their subscribers such as access to their full archives.
  • Business Resources (such as Hoovers) - Some provide more detailed information for additional fees. For example, there may be an executive summary that we point to for which you can purchase the entire report. (You order from them, not us.)
  • Education - Many of these resources provide full access to the tutorials and the quizzes. However, to receive Continuing Education Credits, additional fees may be required. (You pay them directly and follow their instructions.)

Note: Content must be of sufficient detail to be approved for inclusion in the LAD Libraries. A brief summary does not typically meet our standards.