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Library : Industry Applications

Risk Management and Insurance - Risk Management and Insurance

For Companies:

  • Today's complex environment requires more attention to managing risks

  • Good business practices:
    • risk avoidance
    • proper insurance coverages
    • implementation of safety programs
    • well designed worker training programs
    • regulation compliance

    Results in:
    • cuts losses
    • minimizes operational disruptions
    • lowers work comp costs
    • better bottom line

  • The first step is the right kind of information, exactly when you need it
    • The LAD Libraries provides the best information sources throughout the organization ( specific libraries for different functional responsibilities)
    • Provides it seamlessly through daily on-the-job access

    For Agents, Brokers, Consultants:

    • Providing access to the LAD Libraries helps companies
      • improve their operations
      • lower losses
      • reduce insurance costs
      • builds long term relationships
      • retains clients