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Human Resource Management - Human Resource Management

The corporate HR function needs to remain current:

  • Complex federal and state regulations can sometimes result in expense litigation and always result in wasted hours dealing with daily issues that arise

  • Quick reference to critical HR resources provides:

    • quick answers to question

    • direct access to useful forms

    • access to resources highlighting and explaining current laws and regulations

    • combine with Gateways to provide an efficient communications ensuring every is focused on the most important priorities

Many times the HR person at a location performs double duty as that location's safety manager, where:

  • immediate access to safety information, best practices and regulations can prevent accidents and better handle situations at do occur

  • combine with Gateways with the head safety professionals provides an efficient communications link across functions

HR consultants:

  • including membership to the LAD Libraries combined with Gateways as part of their offering provides

    • continual on going support

    • ability to coordinate collaboration across departments on projects and priority issues

    • builds relationships throughout the organization

    • maintains constant contact without becoming intrusive