Frequently Asked Questions

LAD Posting Zones

Job Postings - Job Postings

There are many features that make the LAD Job Posting Zone unique and useful:

  • A JOB POSTING refers to a SLOT, not a single posting for a single job

  • Job Posting SLOTS are established for a 1 year time period

  • Job Posting SLOTS can be updated or completely changed during the time period with no additional cost

  • The company posting the job, whether it is the company where the job is offered, or a recruiting firm posting the job, must be listed in a LAD Company Directory

  • While the job poster's email and phone number can be unpublished, the poster must be listed in the LAD Professional Directory and the job posting will automatically be linked to both the company's and the professional's MicroSite

  • Applicants responding to the job posting can use the Professional Directory MicroSite to submit their application (That feature can be made a requirement by the job poster.)

  • The poster can then use linked references to the the applicants Microsites to circulate the candidate information to the interested parties


  • Every company listed in the directory is provided with 1 FREE Job Posting

  • companies can update or complete change the contents of that FREE JOB POSTING multiple times as year, all free of charge

  • additional job posting SLOTS can be purchased and similar to the FREE Job Posting Slot, are operational for a year time frame and can be updated and changed as the company's needs change (no additional fees)

Recruiting Firms:

  • will need to sign up for the LAD Recruiters Package in order to post jobs for different companies

  • the job posting will be linked to the recruiter's listing in the so the recruiter needs to be listed in the LAD Professional Directory, as well as the recruiting company in the LAD Company Directory

  • once the Job Posting Slot is purchased, updates or complete changes can be made to that slot multiple times during the year with no additional cost.

  • more details are available for the LAD Recruiters Package