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Do Not Recognize Credit Card Charge - What is this charge on my credit card to Libraries and Directories Inc?

Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD) is parent to a series of website services & libraries. For example, a $35.95 charge is a 30 day subscription to one of the LAD Libraries, including: the rmLibrary, TheBusinessLibrary, TheSafetyLibrary, TheHRLibrary, TheTransportationLibrary, BuildingAces, LawsandRegs, etc. $299.95 is the charge for an annual subscription to one library.

If this does not refresh your memory, check with your staff or family members who have access to your credit card to see if one of them used your card for this service.

If neither of these are true, and you still claim not to have registered, we will process our logs and determine the exact TCP/IP address of the computer that submitted your credit card information and pursue the investigation further.

Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD) is committed to, and takes a leadership position in, the development of security and privacy standards for the internet. To that end, we will pursue the use of your credit card information as a fraudulent act and pursue the filing of the appropriate claim forms and initiating investigations.

We would appreciate you reviewing your credit card statement from the same period that contained the Managerial Technologies charge and letting us know if there were any other suspicious charges that statement period.