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Professionals classified by Industry or Profession - Why do we have Industry and Professions categories?

The ability to place yourself both in an industry and profession allows a better representation of your background an knowledge.

Providing the opportunity to get listed in multiple industries and professions provides an even better characterization of your true expertise.

The LAD Professional Directories are the only directories that provide the ability for you to make such distinctions.

For example:

  • if you are an insurance professional, whether Life-Health or Property Casualty is the first cut, but our classifications go a lot further. Specific professions of Underwriter, Producer/Sales, Claims etc, as well has specific line of insurance all are necessary to adequately present your expertise.

  • if you are an "accountant" doesn't provide enough credit - especially if you are in a specialized area in accounting nor does it convey your specific industry knowledge and experience.

  • if you are an attorney, your practice area and past industry experience is what differentiates you from hundreds of other attorneys

  • if you are an Expert Witness, you want to make sure potential clients can pinpoint your specific expertise and background

  • while many people might think that a systems professional is a systems professional, different areas of computer technology are quite different and require specific skills and knowledge.

  • if someone is looking for a recruiter to represent them, what they really want is a professional with ties to the industry and specific professional area that they are in.