Frequently Asked Questions

About : Groups/Associations

Fees & Details - Can you describe group subscriptions and give other details such as costs?

Individual subscription for $300 one year $35 single month

Annual group subscription pricing for (Note: Payment is up front.)

First subscription: $300

2 through 50: $225 each

51 through 100: $200 each

101 and above: $180 each

Each user receives their own userid and password & unlimited access to the
entire library from any computer with internet access. We provide you with a group subscription code and sign-up instructions which you send to your group so that each individual can register online and receive their unique userid and password by e-mail.

We do not have any licensing options in which a single computer has unlimited access - such as in a library. Each person must have their own
userid and password.

If you wish to try out the library, we suggest that you purchase one month
access for each of the individuals who want to examine the library. Each
costs $35. Each person receives a userid and password that automatically
expires in 30 days.

We also have marketing partner and private label options available if you wish to give access to the library to your customers.

Advise if further assistance is required by e-mailing us at