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Quick & Easy Access to Information on the Internet - What are the benefits - why should I subscribe?

Our goal is to save you time by providing quick and easy access to what you need on the internet. As you should be aware, only a small portion of our sites point to home pages. We take the time to dig deep to find those materials that are hard to find - and then keep track of them as sites are reworked. Our subscribers are paying for this labor. Not only do we continuously search the internet for new material, we also eliminate outdated material and are constantly fixing broken links. Frankly, this is very labor-intensive. Our subscribers simply don't have the time to do this for themselves (especially for the thousands of resources available in our libraries - and growing!).

We could go on and on.....but hopefully you get the point that our libraries have thousands of sources of materials - including manuals, templates, checklists, white papers, online tutorials, case law, full text of US federal and state laws and regulations, some municipal codes - even some international laws. To keep up to date, you can access discussion groups, news sources, publications, associations, etc.