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Technical : Security Box

Security Box Problems - Microsoft Internet Explorer - I use Microsoft Internet Explorer. How can I get my security box to come up?

Multiple step process for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

All the below directions are in the "Tools" from the MSIE top toolbar. Then click on "Internet Options."

1.)In the "GENERAL TAB" delete files and clear history.
Click on 'Delete Files' in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section (this is the cache). Click on 'Clear History' in 'History' section.

(This usually solves the problem about 90% of the time. Remember all lower case and no spaces once you get the log in box.)

2.) Go to "ADVANCED TAB." Under the main category of "BROWSING," UNcheck "Use inline AutoComplete in Windows Explorer" toward the bottom. Click Apply.

3.) If still not working, go to "SECURITY TAB". Click on the GLOBE which is INTERNET ZONE. Then click on the "CUSTOM LEVEL" box at bottom. Then
at the very bottom of the window that comes up is "USER AUTHENTICATION" section, click on "PROMPT FOR USER NAME AND PASSWORD." Click OK.