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Why Should I Subscribe? : Benefits

How is client support and education possible?

Definitely. When you learn something of value, it is easy to share it with others. The library helps provide answers that can be used to help clients.

While it applies to most professionals, here's an example how it works for a claims adjuster:

In the settlement of large claims, many times the claims adjuster ends up talking to the senior management of a smaller business, or directly to the risk manager of a larger one regarding the specifics about a claim. The information the adjuster gleaned from the library can be shared with the executives, and with the help of the library, more than just the claim settlement process and dollars can be shared. It has been the experience of some of our group subscribers that this kind of information sharing that is above and beyond the capabilities of most claims functions lead to some actions on the part of the business to actually lessen the probability of future losses, which really benefits both the business and insurance company.