Frequently Asked Questions

Technical : Access

Why can't I access the resources in the library?

Several issues may be playing a part in your difficulties accessing the resources in the library. Here are the most common issues and subsequent FAQ questions provide more detailed explanations.

  • When you click on a resource a security box pops up asking for your user id and password. Type in your user id in the first line and your password in the second line and press enter.
    • Potential issues:
    • Incorrectly inputted user id and password
    • No security box popped up

    • Security box says 'invalid request'

  • User id and password are case sensitive and spacing is important. Be sure to input them exactly the how they are in the email we sent to you.

  • If no security box popped up, then your browser is trying to automatically complete the information for you with the incorrect information. You will either need to clear your passwords from your browser or update the Forms Manager to NOT auto-complete forms from More detailed explanations are in the other FAQs.

  • If the security box says 'invalid request,' there are potentially several different issues depending on your computer settings and software. Your browser must be set to accept 'session cookies' from 'Session cookies' are the least intrusive of the types of cookies and delete themselves at the end of your session, or when you close your browser. You may have a personal firewall that is not letting the cookie or the security box to pass through to you. You need to edit your firewall to accept cookies from