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Ad Sizing

Below are the four sizes of right hand column ads available on libraries and directories websites:

Why Advertise on the LAD family of websites?

  • The LAD libraries have been on the net since 1996 and are recognized in their respective markets

  • In addition to our loyal members, many of whom have been members for over 10 years, our libraries and directories receive between 3,000 and 5,000 referrals from search engines and thousands of other site, throughout the world.

  • The unique design of our directories allow you to target your advertising down to very specific categories, right down to the individual state level.

  • No other advertising opportunity on the net is more cost effective

L-Ad Spaces Information

  • Ads can be either graphic or text based.

  • Your L-Ad Space will provide three (3) independent links per ad which provides a much larger advertising footprint. The links are:

    1. Main Advertisement Link : this is linked from the ad (text or graphic) to a your page directly pertaining to the ad

    2. Homepage Link : a link directly to your homepage is provided at the bottom

    3. Directory Microsite Link : Your name will appear and link to your LAD Microsite

  • Ads come in 4 types / sizes (displayed on the right).

  • There is a maximum number of ads per page (4 for libraries, 7 for directories).

  • There are discounts available based on ad volume purchases.

L-Ad Spaces Information: Overview | Decision Assistant Flowchart | Pricing | Details

Additional Advertising Opportunities

In addition to the L-Ad Spaces, there are additional advertising opportunities on the Libraries and Directories websites including: