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Library Information Gateway (LIG) Basics

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Standard LIG

LIG w/o left hand menu

LIG w/ Restricted Access

The Library Information Gateway (LIG) is our most popular CAPP. Its purpose is to provide controlled access to one or more of the LAD 7 libraries.

That access can be to:

  • a single category (over 5,000 categories to choose from)
  • a major category (i.e., all the categories within that major category
  • an entire library
  • multiple LAD Libraries

Examples how an LIG could be used:

  • extension of the company web site, to encourage visitors to return to access valuable information

  • Internal Learning and Development staff members are provided access to selected topics throughout the year providing efficient and cost effective on-the-job development

  • LIGs for individual markets( each market segment would have its own LIG that focused its specific needs)

  • Large Account LIG could be set up for each large account as a specific value added service, with specific secondary LIGs set up by division or locations

  • an Enterprise LIG could act as the main LIG where various functional areas could then filter down to their respective functions (i.e., various departments would have their own LIGs .. HR, Safety Mgt, Finance, Operations )

Set ups like these last 2 examples would provide the means for an Agency, Brokerage or Consultant to assist a client risk manager or safety director in setting up an entire ongoing enterprise risk mgt approach throughout the company.