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"The product has been an excellent addition to our health and safety toolbox. Not only does it provide immediate access to answers and business solutions, it does so in a cost efficient manner. We provide to the Health & Safety professionals in all of our manufacturing facilities. Risk Management Internet Services,, has enabled the local safety function to be the 'go-to' person for answers in many areas outside of traditional safety. It's terrific that we are able to use technology the way it was meant to be."

-Bob Frank, Safety Director, Keebler Company

"At the time I was introduced to I was working on several projects that required research across a broad span of legal and risk management topics. I began using the library and continued to find more and more useful information that helped me complete those projects ahead of schedule. Because the staff reviews content and is selective about what resources are "put on the library shelf", makes my research time more efficient. I continue to be impressed with the growth in volume of quality resources that offers. I recommend it highly to any professional who needs to stay current in one of many areas of practice."

-Cindy Hine J.D., Attorney, The Hine Law Firm

"As a risk management advisor, in twenty years I have never found such a complete resource as the resource library. It is the best single resource that provides me with an array of practical applications and ideas of risk management information to share with my clients. Just one visit pays the annual cost. It is truly outstanding."

-Michael J. Buick, CPCU, MJ Buick Consulting, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I conduct 'Environmental Health & Safety Internet' workshops and always recommend because it is a unique resource that truly saves time. The strong web content that is expertly organized along with identifying what is new content makes invaluable. I could never find and compile all the information myself, much less take the time to do so."

-Linda Moquet, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Seton Identification Products

"The resource library is the most comprehensive and informative website I have ever used. I became an annual subscriber immediately."

-Bryan David Scott, Safety, Health and Environmental Engineer, Hasbro, Inc.

"Risk Management Internet Services,, is the first resource I use when time is of the essence, because I don't have to plow through pages and pages of irrelevant material that most search engines return. Having been a subscriber for several years now, I know I can count on to keep the content fresh and up to date, which is equally important in my line of work."

-Linda Aydlett, Regulatory Analyst, Martin Marietta Magnesia
Specialties Inc.

"I know I can always find the latest updates pertinent to risk management quickly and easily. If it is not at, it is probably not available on the web."

-Doug Jern, Vice President, Risk Management

"The information contained in the Risk Management Internet Services resource library is timely, accurate and well organized. I could not be happier with the service or the quality of the is an extremely useful informational source...a business (and personal) 'must have'."

-Laura Mackie, Owner, Port of Mystery

"The information on your site is most valuable to me. I am an International Risk Management Consultant working all over the world. I access your site sometimes from the most remote places to get information."

-Francois Nel, International Risk Management Consultant, South Africa
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