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Lloyd's of London describes Risk Management Internet Services as an "enterprise risk management planning resource", in its article "Risk modelling in an Uncertain World -- Random events like the terrorist attacks on the U.S. are impossible to predict, but technology is helping risk managers to quantify their financial impact and test various mitigation strategies."

Business Insurance created the 'Best of the Web' competition to promote and recognize excellence in internet based services.. and the resource library won 'Best of Show' in risk management. (You must be a Business Insurance subscriber to view the article.)

The San Diego Chapter of RIMS suggests as a risk management resource for its members.

The article Insurance Considerations for the Small Business recommends as "an excellent resource on a variety of risk management topics related to business and industry."

The American Risk & Insurance Association (ARIA) recommends to its members. refers visitors to for risk management resources for legal, risk management, and health facility information demonstrating our multidisciplinary appeal.
The Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University suggests rmLibrary for current events research.

The UK based, Emerald Insight Library describes the library as a "treasure trove" and "a must-visit site for anyone who is seriously involved in risk management."

A premier claims organization ranks first in their editor's choice for resources on the net and describes as "a well organized, easily navigable one stop online insurance and risk management library."

Medical equipment suppliers use as a valuable resource to provide their clients.

"Real time Internet communication provides personal interaction for you and your clients...and can foster creativity and growth for both business and clients," states a premier web designing firm. The Online Tutorials: Chemicals is used as one of two examples.
Occupational Safety Management Ltd. of Australia describes the rmLibrary as "a huge repository for OHS, Environmental and Risk Management links and resources."

World Playground Directory, a well-known Parks and Recreation site, features information for the playground industry and provides resources on playground safety.

International appeal with organizations, governments, and companies...this site from Finland highlights

"Risk Management Internet Services - comprehensive resource for the risk management professional," states Yahoo Hong Kong.
The Virtual University of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) utilizes for statistics regarding Ask the Expert answers. (You must be a member of IIAA to view the article.)

The Disability Resources organization describes's workers compensation resources as "an extensive and well-organized collection of links."

RMT of Australia describes as a Portal Website - A useful library of links to risk management resources.

The government/public sector sees the value of since they include as one of their 15 essential links.
Royal SunAlliance of Thailand says, "Look at these links with tips to better manage your commercial risk" and is the first choice.

Government agencies rarely recommend a private site. The US Department of Agriculture links to for food safety.

Risk Management Internet Services is ranked in the top five consumer insurance resources in a best of the web directory.
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