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Invalid Request

The LAD authorization system has identified your request to access a library resource as invalid.

This request has been identified as invalid because one of the following reasons:

  • your computer did not accept or save our authorization cookie
  • the request did not provide a valid HTTP_REFERRER code
    (this means your PC or firewall or pop-up blocker prevented information defining where this request was made from)

    The usual source of this problem is an improperly functioning firewall.

    You will need to disable the COOKIE MGT or PRIVACY CONTROL features.

    A number of well known firewalls, that provide excellent firewall protection, have COOKIE MGT or AD BLOCKING features that process pages twice and in doing so, strip the HTTP_REFFERER codes from the transaction... which invalidates the request.

    Their 'COOKIE MGT' or 'PRIVACY CONTROL' features block the authorization cookie required to identify you as a valid subscriber.

    Turning those features off will NOT detract from the firewall protection that the software provides.

    You do not, and should not disable your firewall.... just turn off the COOKIE MGT and / or PRIVACY CONTROL features.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

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