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The initial library of Libraries and Directories, rmis.com appeared on the internet back in October of 1996. Since that time we have added libraries to address the professional needs of different professional groups.

We started with the Libraries and have recently created the Company and Professional Directories. A vast wealth of invaluable information can be found with both the libraries and directories.

The family of sites is dedicated to bringing internet technology to each specific community that we service (risk management, safety professionals, building industry, businesses, etc). Instead of just talking the philosophy of enterprise and management, the Libraries and Directories delivers the means to make it a reality.

Each library or directory is broken down into unique industry specific categories that allow visitors to not only browse based on necessity, but also to learn and expand their knowledge base within their industry.

Along with the categorization, we have also developed numerous aides and tools to help in the navigation and provide you the ability to access the information in a variety of ways.

We would be interested in your comments or suggestions.

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