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With the sheer size and volume of information contained in the Libraries and Directories, we created aides and tools to help you navigate quickly and easily.

Industry Sitemap (Categories) - Although the contents (resources, companies, etc) are similar between all Libraries and all Directories, the structures and layout are actually quite different and tailored to each industry. The sitemap will show you how each library or directory is laid out.

What's New - This is where you can stay up to date on the sites... see what resources have been added or updated recently... see companies and professionals that have been added to the directories... see what new features we have created on the sites!

Professional Guides - Find specific information that relates directly to your profession. These guides cover categories across both the Libraries and the Directories and will provide category links, specific resources, companies and basic information for each profession.

Hot Topics - The topics are designed to index the libraries and directories by specific professional topics and trends. These topics overlap professions and categories to give you an all encompassing list of information for a certain topic.

Special Resources - In addition to the resource library's major category breakdown, many of the resources provide a similar type or function across categories. This listing of special resources provides quick access to reference materials that be put to immediate use.

Bookmarks & My Contacts - Members have the ability to save and refer back to resources, companies or professionals that are of interest. You can also save your own bookmarks and contact information. This feature is in development and will be available soon... Stay tuned!

Glossary - Terms and definitions of thousands of industry specific words.

Frequently Asked Questions - Browse thru the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the Libraries and Directories. We have been operating since 1996 and have been asked thousands of questions. Chances are if you have a question, someone else has asked it before... get the answers here.

Search LAD - If you can't find what you need thru the categories and navigation, feel free to try the search. You can enter a keyword or item and see everything that might help you (from specific resources and companies to any category that might help).

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