Frequently Asked Questions

- ICM - Internet Content Marketing: Basics, Benefits from publishing ICMs, Getting started with ICMs
- Member Account: Account Info, Bookmarks, Discounts / Promotions, Message Center, Quick Links, Account Info, Libraries, Directories, Toolshed, Group/Client Support, Marketing Support, Web Site Hosting, Member Account
- Registration
- Payment
- User Agreements
- Support: Technical
- About Us

- Library: Highlights, Industry Applications
- Registration
- Why Should I Subscribe?: Benefits, Features
- About: Access, Benefits, Descriptions, Fees, Groups/Associations, Renewals, What They Say About Us, Who Subscribes
- Marketing Partners: About, Commissions
- Payment: Issues, Options
- Support: Contact Us, Library Usage, Passwords, Search the Library
- Technical: Access, Browser Issues, Security Box

- Career Corner: Open Positions
- Directories: Listings
- LAD Posting Zones
- Learn More About the Directories: Company Listings, Professional Listings
- Benefits and Features
- Advertising
- Professional Listings


  1. ICM - Internet Content Marketing
    1. What is an ICM?
    2. Basics
      1. How do ICMs differ from regular advertising?
      2. As a potential client or customer, how does ICM benefit me ?
      3. Give me some examples of CONTENT ?

    3. Benefits from publishing ICMs
      1. Why should my company publish ICMs ?
      2. As an Author, how would I benefit from an ICM?

    4. Getting started with ICMs
      1. How does a company get started with ICM marketing?
      2. As an ICM Author, what options do I have in publishing an ICM?
      3. How we can help .. options.

  2. Member Account
    1. How does the remember me option work on the login?
    2. What are Libraries & Directories Dollars (LADD)?
    3. I am having troubles logging in... why?
    4. Account Info
      1. How is my UserID created or determined?
      2. What recommendations do you have for my password?

      1. What are Bookmarks and how should I use them?
      2. What are the different displays? What is the different between my Bookmark Info and the LIbrary & Directory Info?
      3. How does the right hand column bookmarks work?

    6. Discounts / Promotions
      1. What discounts are available? How are they applied?

    7. Message Center
      1. What is the purpose of the Message Center?
      2. How do I delete a message? Why does it still show up?
      3. What are the Categories? How can I use them?

    8. Quick Links
      1. What are the Quick Link options for link type?
      2. What are the Quick Links and how can I manage them?
      3. How can I control the Order? How do I create spacing?

    9. Account Info
      1. Account Info Help & Information
      2. Why would I want to keep my same UserID and password?

    10. Libraries
      1. Libraries Help & Information
      2. How do the Libraries help me?

    11. Directories
      1. Directories Help & Information
      2. How can the Directories help me?

    12. Toolshed
      1. Toolshed Help & Information

    13. Group/Client Support
      1. Group/Client Support - Help & Information

    14. Marketing Support
      1. Marketing Support - Information & Help

    15. Web Site Hosting
      1. Web Site Hosting Information & Help

    16. Member Account
      1. What would I use the Member Account area for ?

  3. Registration
    1. What does Your Price mean?
    2. What is the Multi Product Discount? How is it calculated?
    3. What are referral discounts? How do I enter a referral code?
    4. What is the extra discount? Why did I get that discount?
    5. What is a registration code? How do I enter my code?
    6. How do I register? What is the Process?
    7. I recently purchased a product and want to add additional services. Am I eligible for the Multi Product Discounts?
    8. I did not receive my confirmation email - what can I do?
    9. What is the Pre-Registration?
    10. What do the symbols and images mean in the registration system?

  4. Payment
    1. What is an upgrade? When and how can I upgrade?
    2. What is the Credit Card Verification (CCV) Number?
    3. What are REFERRAL CODES?

  5. User Agreements
    1. What is your privacy policy statement?
    2. What are the subscriber terms and conditions?

  6. Support
    1. Why do you recommend the Firefox browser?
    2. Technical
      1. What is the Security Code?
      2. Do I need to have popup windows enabled?
      3. How do I enable javascript and the popup windows?
      4. How can I set up filters in my email?

  7. About Us
    1. Why do you not provide an email address?
    2. What does the LAD stand for?
    3. What type of firm is Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD)?
    4. When did you start providing resources on the Internet?
    5. How do we contact you regarding the Libraries & Directories?


  1. Library
    1. Highlights
      1. Client support tool
      2. Differentiates you from your competition
      3. Excellent OTJ training resource
      4. Incomparable business reference

    2. Industry Applications
      1. Business Management
      2. Construction, Architecture and Engineering
      3. Human Resource Management
      4. Laws and Regulations
      5. Risk Management and Insurance
      6. Safety and Loss Control

  2. Registration
    1. What are the requirements for the educational discount?

  3. Why Should I Subscribe?
    1. Benefits
      1. My job responsibility has grown, how does the library help?
      2. How do I use the library for on the job education and training?
      3. How is client support and education possible?
      4. Does customer relationship building and retention benefit?
      5. I often work away from my office computer, and I can still access the library?
      6. How can the Library help make me look good?
      7. Saving time is important, how does the library help?

    2. Features
      1. Why do you remove outdated material?
      2. Why are people better than robots & algorithms?
      3. Why can't someone pay to add a resource to the library?
      4. How do you have so few broken links?
      5. How does the dynamic nature of the Internet effect the library?
      6. Banner ads are annoying, why are you one of the few sites without them?

  4. About
    1. Access
      1. May I fax my registration?
      2. May I have a free trial to evaluate your services?
      3. May I mail my registration?
      4. Where do I sign up to become a member?
      5. What is the online sign up process? How long does it take?
      6. I am a member. Where is the security box so that I can sign in?
      7. What are the various subscription timeframes?
      8. What types of subscriptions are offered?

    2. Benefits
      1. Can I access the libraries only at work?
      2. What are the differences between search engines/directories and LAD Libraries?
      3. What are the benefits - why should I subscribe?
      4. What type of quality can be expected?

    3. Descriptions
      1. What type of coursework do you provide?
      2. Where do I find a general overview description of the libraries?
      3. What is an online library?
      4. How do resources get into the LAD Libraries?
      5. How many resources are contained in the LAD Libraries?
      6. What templates, sample programs, etc. are available?
      7. What are the different LAD Libraries?

    4. Fees
      1. Are any additional fees required in addition to the subscription fees?
      2. I am a staff member with an @edu e-mail address, do I qualify for the discount?
      3. How much does it cost to subscribe?
      4. I am a student but have no @edu e-mail. Can I get the edu rate?
      5. Why do you charge fees to access the libraries?

    5. Groups/Associations
      1. My company is listed on your company page. Whom do I contact?
      2. Can you describe group subscriptions and give other details such as costs?
      3. How do I sign up as a member of a group subscription?

    6. Renewals
      1. What are Auto-Renewals?
      2. Why would I want to keep my same user id and password?
      3. I am an annual subscriber. What is the renewal process?
      4. What is the renewal process for 30 day subscriptions?

    7. What They Say About Us
      1. What do supporters say?
      2. What types of companies & organizations recommend you?

    8. Who Subscribes
      1. Are there international subscribers?
      2. Are there any subscribers from universities?
      3. Are there any subscribers from companies & organizations?
      4. Can you explain what types of companies subscribe?

  5. Marketing Partners
    1. About
      1. What are the Marketing Partner & Referral Programs?

    2. Commissions
      1. Are commissions only paid one time, the first time a client registers?
      2. When are commissions paid?

  6. Payment
    1. Issues
      1. How do I cancel my subscription?
      2. What happens if my credit card is declined?
      3. What is this charge on my credit card to Libraries and Directories Inc?
      4. What is your FEIN number?
      5. I do not live in the USA. May I become a subscriber?
      6. How do I obtain a receipt?
      7. How do I get a refund?

    2. Options
      1. Do you accept bankers drafts?
      2. Can you bill me for an annual subscription?
      3. Can you bill me for a 30 day subscription?
      4. Do you accept checks?
      5. To whom are checks made payable to?
      6. Do you accept credit cards?
      7. Do you accept wire transfers for payment?

  7. Support
    1. Contact Us
      1. Whom do I contact for customer support?

    2. Library Usage
      1. Can I copy the materials you reference in your libraries?

    3. Passwords
      1. I subscribed but where is my userid and password?
      2. Where do I enter my userid and password?
      3. Can the library be licensed so that others can access without passwords?
      4. Can I share my userid and password with others?
      5. Why do my userid and password not work?

    4. Search the Library
      1. How do I obtain assistance in using the libraries?
      2. What is a 'Category Search'?
      3. How do I find information in the Library?
      4. What is listed when I do a search?
      5. How do I get the best results when using the search function?
      6. Where do I find tools available for immediate use?

  8. Technical
    1. Access
      1. Why can't I access the resources in the library?
      2. I receive an 'invalid request' message when I try to log in, what is going on?
      3. How do I clear my old user id and password out of my browser?
      4. Why do I keep getting a Subscription Expired error message?
      5. Why do I keep returning to the Log in Screen?

    2. Browser Issues
      1. Is it your 'session' cookie that is causing the problem?
      2. Why am I getting system error messages when I try to access secure areas?
      3. How do I clear my browser's cache to eliminate error messages?
      4. Can I get some help printing a webpage?

    3. Security Box
      1. I use AOL. Why doesn't the access window box come up?
      2. I use Microsoft Internet Explorer. How can I get my security box to come up?
      3. I use MS IE 5.0 and am having security box problems. How do I fix them?


  1. Career Corner
    1. Open Positions
      1. What administrative options do I have when I create an open position posting?

  2. Directories
    1. Listings
      1. Can I view only listings from my country?
      2. How do I use the Directory Adminstrative Console
      3. How do the Company Directories Work?
      4. How do the Professional Directories Work?

  3. LAD Posting Zones
    1. Job Postings
    2. Career Corner-Movers and Shakers
    3. New Products and Services
    4. Events Calendar
    5. Specials and Promotions

  4. Learn More About the Directories
    1. Tell me about the Company Directories
    2. How Are the LAD Directories Different?
    3. How will I benefit from getting listed in the Professional Directories?
    4. How will my company benefit from being in the Directories?
    5. How are the Libraries and Directories categorized?
    6. Tell me more about the Professional Directories
    7. Why are you making the basic directory listing FREE?
    8. Company Listings
      1. What upgrade options are there?
      2. What is each option and enhancement?

    9. Professional Listings
      1. What upgrade options are there?
      2. What is each option and enhancement?
      3. Why do we have Industry and Professions categories?

  5. Benefits and Features
    1. How much does my listing cost?
    2. Why is this any different than a search engine?
    3. How does my listing improve my search engine ranking?
    4. How are the Directories organized?
    5. Which LAD Directory is my listing displayed in?
    6. How can I be assured this material is up-to-date?
    7. How do the Directories help my presence?
    8. What is a microsite and how can I get one?

  6. Advertising
    1. How do I reserve a spot to advertise?
    2. How do I sign up to advertise on the directories?

  7. Professional Listings
    1. How can the listing of professionals on the company microsite be controlled?