Frequently Asked Questions

ICM - Internet Content Marketing

What is an ICM?

... marketing by providing valuable information

... CONTENT ADVERTISING instead of normal advertising hype!

The internet provides the opportunity for content, (information containing intrinsic, valuable knowledge), to be distributed in an efficient and effective manner.

It is truly a 'win-win' for consumers / clients ( risk managers, safety directors, HR professionals, corporate executives ) and those that supply products and services as well.

We described the ICM technology to a group of professionals .. some consumers / clients, some providers of products and services ( attorneys, consultants, brokers, product engineers and marketing professionals). Then asked them to describe ICM technology in a single sentence.

From a consumer / client perspective:
  • No gimmicks, No Sales Talk, just the Content You Need
  • Marketing that provides Value
  • Marketing for the Intelligent Consumer

From the author / provider perspective:
  • Gain valued clients with Content
  • Differentiate yourself and your company by providing valuable information
  • Using technology to create a knowledgeable consumer

From a joint perspective:
  • Marketing that Makes Sense
  • Making the Internet work for you
  • Delivering Value through Useful Content
  • The Future of Marketing on the Net

ICMs can be used by companies and by professionals to increase awareness of the value, use and advantages of their products and services by providing intrinsic, valuable information in the place of the normal advertising hype.