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Directories : Listings

Overview of How the Directories Work

The six (6) directories form a connected and comprehensive database, covering thousands of individual categories in which to place your company.

A Basic Listing is free and that includes the placement of your company in its base category and provides a link to your homepage (image below, click to enlarge).

Screenshot: Listings Page

The number of directories in which your company will appear depends solely on which categories chosen to list your company. There is a modest fee for each additional category selected, but no additional charge to be included in multiple directories. Your company will be listed in each directory that contains each category selected.

The reason it is set up like that is because Libraries And Directories is focused on making it as easy and intuitive as possible for all our members and visitors to find precisely what they are looking for, as quickly as possible. Our Libraries have become one of the largest and most trusted information sites on the net. With the years of design and development that have gone into our directories, we expect they will follow that same path.

While the Basic Listing is free, you can upgrade your listing it 2 ways:

  • Listing Enhancements : examples of enhancements are: additional categories, states, countries, bolded company name, company logo, inclusion in the National Listing, etc.

  • Listing Options : each options places an ICON on the horizontal line to the right of your Company Name, in each and every category in which your company is listed. Examples of options included Company Profile, Products & Services, News, ICMs, FAQs, Careers, Contacts. The following image shows an upgraded listing (Click to enlarge).
    Screenshot: Listing Upgrades

Each of the Listing Option Icons provides a link to either a page on your company website, or displays one of the LAD templates for that particular option. Samples of those templates / pages are included in the documentation on individual options / icons.

All upgrades and maintenance activities are all administered on line by the Official Company Contact.

Changes to the company listing as well as changes to the company contact can be made on line, at any time.

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